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Wednesday, March 11

Time:  1:00 - 3:00 pm
Location:  Clubhouse 7    
For Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests only

Wednesday, March 04

Time:  1:00 pm
Location:  Conference Room
(Pool side of the building)
Clubhouse 4    
For Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests only

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Calendar of Events

Friday March 6th   10am - 4pm
Saturday March 7th   10am - 4pm

Palm Springs Pavilion
401 . Pavilion Way
Palm Springs


Educational TidBits
January 2020
Dealing With Overstuffed Magazine Storage

As you may have noticed, this month continues on the topic of quilt magazines. As I discussed last month, I really love perusing hardcopy quilt magazines. I flip through them and mark patterns I want to try. After doing this, I have to put those magazines some place. I went to my cupboard where I keep my magazines, and alas, it was full of other wonderful magazines from the past. Uh oh, now what do I do? Every couple of months I receive more magazines. Just like my fabric collection, my magazine collection seems to be overwhelming the space in which I store them. I cannot just cram them in and hope for the best.
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